Over mij

Fresh Dj-career started in 1990.
As a R&B-dj, he began playing with Vinyl
and in 2006 he switched over to Cd’s on the “PIONEERS CDJ 1000.
Dj Fresh is know in the “Eclectic scene” all over the Netherlands.
Over the years Dj Fresh played at the hottest clubs like: Escape, Challenge, Hotel Arena, ChillOutParty, The Sand, The Zebra Lounge, Sinners, Ministry, Margaritas, Madness, HMH, Powerzone, The It and Hemkade!!
In 2002 he started his Dj Team “The UrbanSquad” very succesfull in the biggest clubs.
In 2004 he went solo, and played with big artist like: Usher, Tyrese, Kc & Jo Jo, R.Kelly, Blackstreet.
Dj Fresh was part of the line up of “Soigne” every last friday of the month at “The Zebra lounge” in Amsterdam. When Dj Fresh is playing he takes the crowd to a higher level!! He’s a Dj with the skillz to select the right tracks at the right time.
He has it all, because the luv 4 the music!!